To Get To Me – Eleanor Kerr/Judith Rossell


Random House, July 2013

ISBN: 9781742758831

RRP: $19.95

This delightful new picture book combines very popular themes which teachers of young children will no doubt find very appealing and useful.  Peter invites his friend Ahmed to join him on a trip to the zoo. Judith Rossell’s colourful illustrations reveal to the reader that Ahmed quite clearly does not live in Australia.  Peter’s explanation to his friend of how ‘to get to me’ is accompanied by a very attractive world map, complete with iconic landmarks and fauna.

Using a variety of modes of transport Ahmed travels right around the world to Sydney to meet Peter at Taronga Zoo. On his way Ahmed passes scenery which cleverly incorporates small sections of newspaper text in the illustrations – changing from Arabic script to English.  The text is simple and includes onomatopoeic ‘transport’ words which young children will delight in as it winds up and down hills, through tunnels, and across the sky and the sea.

As a springboard to discussing intercultural relationships or accompanying a unit focussed on methods of transport, this will be a valuable addition to any school library.

Recommended for younger readers 5+


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