Trust Me Too – ed. Paul Collins. Introduction by Judith Ridge


Ford St Publishing 2012 $24.95

Sometimes when you don’t feel like a huge meal, a tempting array of tasty bite-sized snacks is exactly what you want. “Trust Me Too” fits this bill of fare perfectly.  An exciting new anthology of short stories and poetry by over fifty of Australia’s most lauded writers for young people has been ably edited by Paul Collins. The selected pieces cover a broad scope, showcasing an amazing diversity of talents and have been grouped into various genres from contemporary to fantasy to horror to humour – and more. Some charming illustrations accompany the poetry selections and a delightfully resonant frontispiece by Shaun Tan welcomes the reader into various worlds of imagination. Because of the format I found it easy – and enjoyable – to read something that would be normally a genre beyond my staple diet. From this aspect I think it would be a fabulous adjunct to both a wider reading and writing program –  inspiring students to taste-test  something  outside their regular reading menu.  Recommended for 10-15 years old, this volume would be perfect as a read-aloud to dip into randomly or a terrific stimulus for encouraging students to explore the short story art form.  


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