If the library was on fire, which one book would you save?



Tough question I think! I have asked some friends and colleagues to nominate a favourite book or favourite reading and thought I should think about what I would choose myself….hmmmmmm

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    • Hi Michael
      Just did some searching as I wasn’t familiar with them – and then just put them on my ‘to read’ list! Sound like something I would love ๐Ÿ™‚ – thanks for taking the time to contribute

  1. Roo Broadhurst, my lovely Welsh friend, says that Tess of the D’Urbervilles is her favourite book. Since we are so alike in so many ways I think I had better re-read it as when we ‘did’ it at school I detested it!

  2. Don’t know about the library, but if it were my home I’d save, all my Flower Fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker (and all the matching fabric of course); The Abominable Snowwoman written by my mum after being the first female journo to go to the Antarctic, and probably the books that have me as the author.

      • Hi Senga
        I can’t make the conference, (will come again when it goes to Christchurch or Invercargill) but please give my best friend Sue a real Kiwi wlecome and show her why I am and always will be a Kiwi!!! Hope it’s a great gathering.

      • Senga, I am coming over from Oz as a trade exhibitor and doing a workshop and I believe introducing one of the speakers so will definitely see you there :-)- can I just ask that you all tone the weather down JUST a tad before I get there please!!

      • Hey Barbara …. pretty sure next one in 2015 will be ChCh so pencil that in! You might have to find another reason for visiting the South ๐Ÿ™‚
        And Sue, with any luck we’re getting all the bad weather out of the way now and July might be more settled …. well, we can hope anyway LOL. If this is your first SLANZA conference, you’re going to love it and we have some awesome keynotes. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the wonderful Tara Brabazon, the awesome Erica McWilliam and the amazing Susan Sandretto before so I know this is going to be a very special conference

    • After one of my recent book club meetings with our monthly theme being pre-1950s authors, another of our group reviewed TMiaB and I thought, yes I must get around to reading that! Thanks for sharing Bookchooky ๐Ÿ™‚ aka Susan (another one!)

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