Colour for Curlews


Colour for Curlews – Renée Treml

Published by Random House Australia Children´s

2 September 2013

RRP $19.95

ISBN 9781742759210


This second picture book offering from Renée Treml is a treasure trove for younger readers and teachers of lower school children. 

Two cheeky and curious curlews discover some wonderful paints and decided to adorn themselves – starting a definite fashion trend with a host of other familiar Australian birds. With a wonderful daub of alliteration and a palette of rhyme to enhance the text, young readers are introduced not only to their basic colours but also the principles of colour mixing.

As the bowerbirds, brolgas, Gouldian finches, lorikeets and more try out their flash new colours, along comes One Very Tired Wombat (the previous picture book character from this exciting new author/illustrator) who goes to sleep in a puddle of brown paint. But will he still be brown when he wakes up?

The vibrancy of the colourful illustrations will have the young artists in your class itching to get to the paint pots – I can already visualise a sumptuous mural of native birds as a truly gorgeous display.  The addition of some factual notes at the end of the book provides an engaging balance to this delightfully riotous explosion of colour madness.

Be sure to put this one on your shopping list – it will not disappoint!  This is one that might stay on my shelves rather than go as a gift to a grandchild methinks!

Highly recommended for Early Childhood readers in particular.


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