Kisses on a Postcard – Terence Frisby


Kisses on a Postcard: A tale of wartime childhood – Terence Frisby

Spoken word CD format

First a stage musical, then a radio play, then a book (edited by Bloomsbury 2010) Terry Frisby (perhaps best known for ‘There’s a Girl in My Soup’) narrates his account of his wartime evacuee childhood.

Along with his older brother, Jack, young Terry is evacuated to Cornwall and lands in the loving  but firm home of Aunty Rose and Uncle Jack, originally from Wales, now living in the tiny village of Doublebois.

For three and a half years or so, the two brothers – aged 11 and 7 respectively when they are first evacuated – are raised, respected and loved by the Phillips. Terry’s enduring memories of the life and characters of their tiny community – both good and not-so-good, endearing and eccentric – are retold with such deep affection and sensitivity, that the reader (or in this case, listener) is completely involved with all that happens.

While perhaps not very informative about WWII from a military aspect (although the reminiscences of both British and American GI soldiers are most entertaining), this is certainly a wonderful insight into the culture and society of rural England during one of the country’s darkest periods.

As we look back from this distance, we realise how difficult it must have been for parents to send their children away to safety – in this case, only seeing their offspring a handful of times during the long war years.

An absolute delight to experience – well recommended for older readers/adults.

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