Diary of a Dog-walker: Time spent following a lead – Edward Stourton

ISBN: 9780552777278
Published: 15/05/2012
Imprint: Black Swan
Extent: 192 pages

As a paperback

I enjoyed this as another spoken word CD from the local library, to lighten up my daily commute to and from the train station. Absolutely delightful, narrated by the author – who has that beautiful BBC voice you would expect from a journalist often employed by that august institution.  Faced with his program being canned due to ‘restructures’, Ed Stourton is offered a column writing gig by London’s Daily Telegraph. He chooses as his theme his newly acquired springer spaniel, Kudu, and for around a year and a half entertained many readers with his musings related to all things doggy.  With wonderful wit, some pithy commentary on current events and some highly amusing anecdotes, both his own and others, Ed entertains any dog lover with these pieces which have been carefully crafted into a coherent single text.

All fellow canine owners take note! well worth the excursion – around Clapham Common or Battersea Dog Park, as well as other venues.



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