Saurus Street # 5 & #6 – Nick Falk and Tony Flowers


Saurus Street #5 & #6 –A Plesiosaur Broke My Bathtub/A Diplodocus Trampled my Teepee

Nick Falk & Tony Flowers

Random House Australia

ISBN 9780857981820 A Plesiosaur Broke My Bathtub

ISBN 9780857981844 A Diplodocus Trampled my Teepee

These are terrific little books for those newly independent readers and probably mostly boys…although one little granddaughter is going to be very pleased to have these copies!

Text of larger size, neatly broken up with amusing illustrations and a particularly attractive use of creative fonts combine to make these very easily accessible to those whose reading confidence may need some building. There is a generous smattering of fun lettering to highlight selected words – a really useful device to add meaning to some words which may be unfamiliar and deepening understanding of meaning of some.

The stories are great fun with a range of characters,  those already known from previous books and those being introduced, along with a variety of dinosaurs which many young palaeontologists will be able to identify.  With enough silliness to make each plot highly amusing for the age group, these are quick reads and it would be easy to imagine enthusiasts racing through the series and wanting more.   There are six altogether in this series and excitingly we have a heads up about a new release for March 2014 – Billy is a Dragon – so it sounds like there will continue be a supply for the kids who will clamour for another.

Highly recommended for 7 years up in particular.


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