Stories for Boys & Stories for Girls


Stories for Boys

ISBN 9780857980885

Ebook ISBN 9780857980861

Stories for Girls

ISBN 9780857980861

Ebook 9780857980878

Random House Australia Children’s

December 2013

RRP $14.95

Two delightful collections of short stories aimed squarely at the 6-8 year olds, these two books are released with perfect timing for Christmas gifts.  With many of Australia’s leading authors on board  including Tristan Bancks, Sophie Masson, Bill Condon, George Ivanoff, Janeen Brian, Martin Chatterton, Claire Saxby and Jacqueline Harvey, little people who are either newly independent readers or enjoy read alouds will love these engaging stories. Some silly, some serious, some adventurous, some clever means something for everyone!

Stories for Boys is illustrated by Tony Flowers, whose work will be known already by followers of the popular Saurus Street series while Stories for Girls is illustrated by J. Yi who is particularly known for the Alice-Miranda series.

Over the weekend Miss Small (8) and I shared two of the stories from the Girls book and her facial expressions, comments and laughter affirmed that these will be a sure-fire hit with the smaller folk in your reading circles.  Arabella Button, by Grace Atwood was particularly well received. After all, just the very image of a giraffe doing ballet was enough to set us both in the right frame of mind for a cosy happy snuggle before bedtime. We are both looking forward to the next weekend sleepover to continue working our way through the contents page.

For those familiar with the Stories for Five, Six, Seven and Eight Year Olds series, the style of these two collections will be very recognisable. Perfect for teachers wanting a quick story for a spare five minutes or parents needing that brief before bed just-one-more tale, both of these will appeal to the imaginations and humour of the age group.

Highly recommended, both for the readings levels and interests, of boys and girls from 6-8 years old

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