Baby Bedtime – Mem Fox/Emma Quay


Baby Bedtime – Mem Fox/Emma QuayImage

Penguin Australia – imprint Viking

October 2013

Hardback, 32 pages

ISBN 9780670075195

RRP $24.99

From the beautiful blue and lilac tones to the slightly padded and textured cover to the soothing lyrical text, this book deserves a place on the shelf for all little people as one of their very special bedtime reads.

 Mem Fox has once again created a simple but very moving rhyming text that flows with such gentleness and is so perfectly accompanied by Emma Quay’s exquisite illustrations that the reading becomes a heart-stopping experience.

Mem’s own words about how the book came about explain the love with which this book is suffused and even before I had read her comments, the text had revealed overwhelmingly the intensity of love one has for a special new baby.

I could eat your little ears.

I could nibble on your nose.

I could munch your tiny fingers.

I could gobble up your toes…

Quay’s illustrations, created with a mixture of pencil, acrylic and Photoshop – using found op shop items such as lace and so on- have skilfully steered away from a gendered approach by using a mother and baby elephant (and yes, I just love elephants so that was very apt).

I love everything about this book – the feel of it, the look of it, the sound of it, and the emotion of it. For those who may have a special baby in their life (and aren’t they all?) this would make a perfect ‘welcome’ gift.  For those of us whose babies are now little people, it will still be a beautiful snuggle-up-before-bed-so-you-know-how-much-I-love- you read aloud.

Highly recommended for 2 years +



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