Where is Pip? Fiona Whyte & Sarah Hill


Where is Pip? A Beetle Bottoms Adventure. Fiona Whyte & Sarah Hill

Visible Love Publishing 2013

ISBN 9780987595911

RRP $14.90

When I was little and we went on family Sunday drives and picnics, as one did back in those days, out of the city and into the bush, I was always – but always – looking for the bush babies playing amongst the gum trees and staying a very safe distance from the banksia trees.   The magic of the gumnut babies is back with the ‘story play’ concept developed by Fiona Whyte & Sarah Hill.

If you stay very, very still, are very, very quiet and look closely enough, you might just meet a Beetle Bottom in your garden. Mother and daughter team, Fiona and Sarah, have created the Beetle Bottoms – tiny folk, no bigger than an apple pip, who live, play and have adventures in gardens all over the world.

“Where is Pip?” is a delightful and sturdy lift-the-flap book which will entrance your tinies as Petal looks for her little sister, Pip. As Petal asks the question each time – the flap reveals another wee Beetle Bottom who has seen Pip, providing a clue as to what she has been busy doing all morning.  Bold and simple illustrations with simple text make this a perfect choice for the very young – the kind of book that begs to be read to a small person sitting on your lap.

The Beetle Bottoms website is a treasure trove of activities and play ideas that help you ignite the imagination of the little people in your life.

Beetle Bottoms are very special because they celebrate and enjoy everyone’s differences, after all that is what makes life exciting! 

Beetle Bottoms have a special bond with nature and the insects and animals who live in your garden.”


With a gentle and ‘feel good’ spirit in a very simple, almost naive style, the Beetle Bottoms are sure to become  favourites amongst, particularly, the under 5 set.


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