I am Cow, Hear me Moo – Jill Esbaum/ Gus Gordon


I am Cow, Hear me Moo! Jill Esbaum/Gus Gordon


Format:Hardback, 32 pages




Penguin Australia –
Viking Imprint


I can practically guarantee that every teacher has had, at some point, a Nadine in their class.

Nadine is a very talented, very brave and very special cow – well, in her own opinion which is, after all, the only one that really counts.

With some rollicking rhyming Nadine  impresses her friends with her daring tour through the scary woods. Friends being suitably awed, they depart – night falls and Nadine is left on her own in a spooky gloomy cave. Suddenly her bravado evaporates and she must conquer her sudden lapse of over-confidence.

As always, Gus Gordon’s illustrations are absolutely delightful and make this picture book a must have. Young children will enjoy the story and rhythm and no doubt will recognise the Nadine in their midst.

Read Kids’ Book Review’s interview with Gus here

This parable would be a very useful discussion starter for smaller people – what is bravery? is it important how others perceive us? is it important how we see ourselves?  Having confidence is a wonderful thing and there would be some small people who would truly benefit from recognising that they have that confidence in themselves.

For early readers  4 years and up

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