Max – Marc Martin


Max – Marc Martin

Published: 26/03/2014

Format: Hardback, 32 pages




Publisher :Penguin Aus.

Imprint: Viking


Marc Martin has utilised his very attractive graphic artist approach to this lastest picture book, which is an endearing story of friendship.  Martin draws his inspiration from the world around him – both natural and human environment. Max is a seagull and Bob owns a fish and chip shop. Together they are have a charming friendship based on simple pleasures – namely, hot chips and fishing – and their enjoyment in each other’s company.


When Bob’s shop fails to continue profitably he must relocate his premises from their sleepy beachside town to the city. Max waits patiently for his return, but when it seems this is not forthcoming, sets off to find his best mate. Two particularly glorious double page spreads provide a rich visual to the extent of Max’ journey and he is well rewarded when his finely attuned olfactory sense recognises the smell of delicious hot chips, leading him to Bob’s new shop. The two friends are delighted at being reunited and resume their shared pleasures of fishing and eating chips.


This is a simple story, simply told, but with an undeniable resonance for younger readers. The wonderful illustrations, use of white space and simple text combine perfectly to result in a very attractive picture book for readers from 5 years up – and a perfect vehicle for exploring friendships, our neighbourhoods and the contrasts of settings.



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