The Fault in our Stars: the movie



If you watch At the Movies with David and Margaret, you will know that David panned this claiming to be an ‘old grouch’ (David, the trip to Amsterdam is NOT a side issue – you missed the point completely!) and Margaret liked it enough to give it 3.5 stars.

Well I am giving it a resounding 4.5 stars. After the huge success of the YA novel, I was possibly one of the last teacher-librarians I know to actually read the book but found it moving with the kind of dark humour favoured by my family, then continued to promote it heavily to every student and colleague I know. The movie was no disappointment. Naturally, quite a bit of back story was left out but this in no way detracted from the real focus of the movie as Hazel and Augustus deal with the painful realities of their individual and shared circumstances.

I thought the casting was superb with each of the significant characters played convincingly (Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, Willem Dafoe) and true to the novel without compromise.

All those who adored the book – and in my sphere that includes males and females – I don’t think for a moment you will be disappointed. Certainly, my friend and I, plus everyone else in the cinema clearly were not!

While we were not ‘literally in the heart of Jesus’ , for a couple of hours, we were all in a very special place.

Don’t forget to check out my previous post on “This Star Won’t Go Out”  Esther Earl, on which John Green drew his inspiration for his novel.


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  2. I was checking the news yesterday at ABC online and linked through to Margaret and David’s reviews. I must admit to being mildly influenced but now I’m free of that, thanks to you, so I’ll look forward to seeing the movie.

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