Mr Chicken Lands on London – Leigh Hobbs


Mr Chicken Lands on London – Leigh Hobbs



Australian Pub.:

July 2014


Allen & Unwin


A & U Children


Picture books

Suitable for ages:

4-8 (or 80!)


Forget Michael Palin or any other famous world-tripper for your armchair travels! Mr Chicken is back and after his famous trip to Paris, is ready to take readers on a new and thrilling encounter with his favourite city of all – London.  His exciting landing on London brought to mind that wonderful episode of ‘the Queen’ parachuting into the Olympics.

Only the suave and sartorially elegant Mr Chicken would be capable of upstaging H.M. Queen Elizabeth, being more a drawcard in the Tate Gallery than the exhibited artwork and causing passersby in Trafalgar Square to look upwards wondering ‘Who’s that guy up there with Mr Chicken?’.

Leigh Hobbs is consistently an unequalled hit with his audience, no matter which of his characters, and there is something particularly endearing about Mr Chicken with his ineffable ability to blend in effortlessly in any company, whether distinguished or lowly. He so completely sets the tone for all that is deemed elegant and socially desirable.

For young readers this is a terrific way to show them vicariously the highlights of that great metropolis which is London with its long history and famous icons.  The vibrant colours and superb facial expressions of Mr Chicken as well as his adoring public are just as engaging as in  the previous trip to Paris.

I have been a chicken devotee for many years and admit that all my chookies have had fantastic personalities but none that could hold a candle to the inimitable Mr Chicken.

Highly recommended for readers 3 and up – who will no doubt look forward to the next exciting adventure!  There is so much to envy in someone whose talent extends not only to the writing of engaging stories but also the outstanding illustrations – brilliant Mr Hobbs!

Visit Leigh Hobb’s website here and stay posted for an upcoming blog interview with Leigh Hobbs soon!


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