Found You! – Mardi Davies


Ford St Publishing

9781925000665 (hardcover)
9781925000672 (paperback)
Publication date:
October 2014 (hardcover)
February 2015 (paperback)
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Portrait picture book 260 x 265mm
$24.95 (hardcover)
$14.95 (paperback)
Category: Picture book
Age guide: 3+


Mardi Davies has long been involved with creating art for children. As part of Walt Disney Animation Australia’s team she has drawn pictures for 8 full-length movies. Her animation skills have now been delightfully applied to her first picture book with great success.

Florence Moon and her dog Trevor are great friends and share a backyard that is just perfect for playing hide-and-seek. It’s just that Trevor is pretty awful at hiding. In fact he’s terrible at it. Everytime!

It simply does not matter how long Florence counts, waiting for Trevor to find a great hiding spot, he just can’t manage  a successful attempt. It doesn’t help that he chooses places like a too-small box or the washing hanging on the clothesline!

But Florence Moon doesn’t give up. In an inspired moment, she turns around her approach, realising that although Trevor is a terrible hider he just might be a really good finder. And he is!

With beautifully imaginative illustrations, this book about a simple game that becomes a little complicated is a wonderful exploration of perseverance and creative thinking.

This is a terrific book to share with little humans about fun and friendship – and being ready to change a ‘game plan’.

Highly recommended for young readers from toddlers up.


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