Christianity and Fantasy

Other people may be interested in this – if it applies in their own situation.
Some time ago in 3rd term, there was some discussion (on our teacher-librarian listserves) about fantasy and Christian (school/parents) objections.
I mentioned a pamphlet – which I have finally come across – and can’t find the original thread or the person who asked me specifically about it.
It is called ‘In Defence of Fantasy’ by Andrew Lansdown (widely published Christian apologist, poet and fantasy writer). It was published in 2001, 24 p small booklet and the contact given is
Life Ministries
Suite 4/334 Wanneroo Road, Nollamara,
WA 6061 Phone/fax 08 9344 7396
Of course no idea if these details are still correct!
Many of you will be familiar with Andrew’s published novels
and perhaps may be able to source a copy of this essay directly via contacting him.
“The small boy who broom-brooms his cup around the tray of his high chair is not lying – he is imagining! By representing his cup as a car, he is picturing things differently from what they are – and he is doing it for the sheer pleasure of it. How wonderful to be able to imagine a cup as a car or a piece of spaghetti as a worm! How marvellous to be able to pretend to be a fierce creature and to frighten Dad when he comes home from work! This ability to imagine is unique to humans, and represents one aspect of God’s image to us.”
It is an interesting little read from someone who is/was often asked to address Christian schools and (his own and other) congregations on this topic.

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