Letters from Father Christmas – J. R. R. Tolkien


On the 7th day of Christmas…….

The Father Christmas Letters – J. R. R. Tolkien

Collins Children’s Books



My two little granddaughters have just written their letters to Santa and lo and behold! Received a letter each back with a photo of a special elf and a little present from Santa enclosed, so it seemed an apt time to bring out one of my favourite Christmas books to share with Small.

First published posthumously in 1976 [The Father Christmas Letters], this is a selection of some of the letters that Tolkien’s sons received over a period of some twenty odd years, one each Christmas. Each letter, either written purportedly by Father Christmas himself or his Elf-secretary, tell some of the adventures and mishaps from the North Pole home and workshop of every child’s favourite. Perhaps the most entertaining of the anecdotes are those of the North Polar Bear, an endearing character much prone to mischief and misadventure.

This edition is the one presented as facsimile letters and envelopes accompanied by the wonderful original illustrated copies.

Always an exciting read – especially opening each envelope to reveal the next letter – this has been a staple of my Christmas shared reading for many years.



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