Supertato – Sue Hendra



  • Simon & Schuster UK |
  • 32 pages |
  • ISBN 9781471122255 |
  • June 2014

RRP $14.99

Keeping his eyes open for the slightest sign of trouble in the supermarket is Supertato! When the chips are down and a rogue frozen pea creates mayhem among the veggies, it’s up to Supertato to save the situation, and save it he does!

You’ve never seen a legendary super hero quite like this one ever before but hopefully will again if there is a follow up book. Sue Hendra has created another memorable character and this book, which is almost glowing with vibrant colours along with the clever storyboard format, will engage young readers from around 3 years up. There are a few clever puns thrown in for the lucky adult story-reader to enjoy.

I can well imagine lots of giggles from a delighted audience and believe they will love to collaborate on a further adventure for Supertato. This could well be a great activity for the library early in the new term along with lots of discussion around being brave and resourceful – most apt for new Preps or children new to a school for example.

Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. Don’t believe me?

Then keep reading.

Go to the UK Simon & Schuster page here to have a browse inside the book.

Highly recommended for young readers from Preschool up.

Check out Sue Hendra’s other books – all of them quirky!

EXTRA!! Just received this from Simon & Schuster – will definitely inspire you!


Thank you Simon & Schuster Australia, particularly Anna,  for allowing me to be one of your reviewers in 2015 – I look forward to working my way through the pile of delightful books I have here!



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