Sue Warren
Redcliffe, Queensland

Bio: Teacher-librarian

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I was hoping to publish in the next edition of WASLA’s journal, ic3, your following book reviews:

    The build-up season
    The snow angel

    Would this be ok?

    Kind regards

    Natasha Georgiou
    ic3 Editor

  2. Hi Sue,
    I enjoyed your blog about The Lynley Dodd Story but could you please correct my name the second time it’s used in your blog today. It’s Penelope Jackson not Pamela Jackson.

  3. Hi Sue – I would appreciate having a copy of the Staff Quiz that you have done for Book Week.
    I love the look of your website – very engaging and am looking forward to reading through it- well done and thank you for sharing your work. Regards Madonna Johnston

  4. Hi Sue
    I am the author of My Dog Socks, the picture book you reviewed last month. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I wondered if you were happy if I share this on my Facebook Page and website/ Not sure about the protocol?

    • Hi Robyn – absolutely! If you can refer your readers back to the blog via the URL that would be super. It’s always nice to build up readership!. I used my copy as one of my Book Week prizes and it was very well received! x

  5. Hello Sue, I’ve just seen your fantastic review for The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up Great and wondered if you’d be ok with my sharing it (yes, I’m shamelessly ripping off the post above by Robyn Osborne!). Many thanks 🙂

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