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Jamie Brown is NOT rich – Adam Wallace



Ford St Publishing

Publication date:
May 1, 2014
Extent: 186 pages
Format: B format paperback
Category: Humour
Age guide: 6 – 10

Kids who love humorous books of the ilk – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, My Life….(Tristan Bancks), Tom Gates and so on –  will love meeting Jamie Brown and his family and friends.

Jamie and his family are poor – really poor – but his life is rich in other ways. Living alongside equally impoverished families in the old Grand Hotel on Hovel St, Jamie has quirky friends and loving family to compensate for the lack of dollars.

Then one day the Browns’ lives change dramatically when a distant relative gives them a squillion dollars and the family is moved to a huge mansion in Snootyville and Jamie is enrolled at a very posh school.  How will the Browns, and Jamie, cope with this unexpected turnaround in their lives?

Examining themes such as bullying and being accepted, whether money buys happiness and persistence, the book comedically charts the progress of the Browns’ rags-to-riches story.

Interspersed with the text which includes some very funky fonts are numerous, very expressive, cartoon-style illustrations – which successfully break up the story into very accessible ‘chunks’ for readers who can be easily daunted by loads of writing.

No doubt you have many readers already familiar with Adam’s style and this novel, which apparently was inspired by Happy Gilmore (certainly one of my favourite movies!)  will be sure to hit the right spot for both boys and girls from around 8 upwards.  You won’t go wrong adding this one to your shelves!

Find teaching notes here at Ford St Publishing.


365 Days of Wonder – R. J. Palacio



ISBN: 9780552572712

Published: 03/11/2014

Imprint: Corgi Childrens

Extent: 432 pages

RRP: $19.99

For the many fans of Wonder – my ‘tiramisu’ book! – comes this delightful companion volume. You will no doubt remember Mr Browne’s technique of using precepts with his classes and in the introduction to the book ‘Mr Browne’ explains his reasons behind this approach.

Divided into months, each ‘chapter’ has some words of wisdom, anecdotes, stories or email exchanges from Mr Browne and then a precept or quote for each day of the month.

I have only read about half of the book – why you might ask? Because I want to savour the surprise of each new day next year, when I intend to have this book on my desk and invite students and teachers to share in the joy.

It includes thoughts from authors and other personalities including John Lennon, Roald Dahl, Popeye, Anne Frank, Louisa May Alcott, Martin Luther King Jr and many many others. The Popeye one is a quote I have used time and time again on personal profiles etc – ‘I y’am what I y’am’ – which delighted me!

This will be a book to treasure and keep for many – and will be enjoyed by not only those who love ‘Wonder’ but those who are as yet unfamiliar with that amazing novel.

Forget the ‘chicken soup’ stuff  – this one is truly inspirational for both young readers and adults alike.

We carry within us the wonders we seek around us

Sir Thomas Browne