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The Book of Stone – Mark Greenwood/Coral Tulloch



Walker Books Australia

November 2019

ISBN: 9781760650872
Imprint: Walker Books Australia
Australian RRP: $27.99
New Zealand RRP: $29.99

Here’s another terrific book for sparking some scientific interest whether just because you are in ‘stay at home’ mode or because your reader has a curious mind and loves to investigate (or pick up those stones on their walks around the neighbourhood).

I have known many keen little geologists in my teaching career and in fact, The Kid was also one of these and assiduously added to her gemstone collection over a period of years. But many of them will not have given a great deal of thought to the significance of stones throughout history nor how powerful they can be in some cultures. So this might not only initiate that scientific inquiry but also a cultural exploration for readers.

Naturally the combination of this author and illustrator is outstanding and oh my! those absolutely sensational endpapers with detailed illustrations and notes on a variety of beautiful stones.

Together Mark and illustrator, Coral Tulloch, have created a book that allows them to share the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places through stone.

I know so many families will be spending as much time as they can out-of-doors whether in their own backyards or at close-at-hand parks and reserves and this will engender a sense of wonder at picking up those random stone treasures and trying to discover each one’s unique story.

Altogether a simply beautiful book full of richness and depth for readers from around 5 years upwards. If you have missed out on it thus far be sure to put it in your collection without delay.

Find some useful geology resources here.


Plenty of Peppa!



Penguin Random House Australia

More for the Peppa Pig fans coming your way! The Pig family and their happy adventures are the stuff little people’s dreams are made of really so it’s just as well the books just keep on coming to complement the television show.

George and the Dinosaur


January 2020

ISBN: 9780241392478

Imprint: Ladybird

RRP: $14.99

If you put together the Pig family and dinosaurs you’re bound to be on a winner! George Pig and his little friends are all fossil mad so it’s a really exciting outing when Peppa, George and Mummy Pig plus George’s friends all get to go on a beach exploration with Miss Rabbit the Fossil Hunter.

Miss Rabbit (think Mary Anning!) really knows her stuff when it comes to fossils of all kinds, not to mention dinosaurs and she’s pretty impressed with George’s friend Edmond and his knowledge as well.

While Peppa gets a bit discouraged not finding anything and turns to building a sandcastle, George finds a huge rock with mysterious promise.

Imagine the wild delight when the rock is taken to the museum, split open to reveal a complete dinosaur skeleton!

Peppa Pig: Super Peppa!


March 2020

ISBN: 9780241411971

Imprint: Ladybird

RRP: $14.99

Dinosaurs on one cover and a glittery sparkly rainbow on another – way to get those little ones grabbing a book off the shelf!

Peppa and her classmates are most excited to be doing some school work solely focused on them but when Miss Gazelle asks them to come in costume as their dream occupation of the future, Peppa is at a loss to think what she could be. After all, she’s not really super at anything is she?

But when she gets down to things asking her adult friends and her parents, she takes Mummy Pig’s advice about believing in herself to heart and discovers that she’s super at all kinds of things.

And when George starts playing with his Super Tato toy (yes I have one too!) Peppa is struck with inspiration for her costume.

Peppa Pig:  [the] Easter Bunny


March 2020

ISBN: 9780241411827

Imprint: Ladybird

Format: Board Book

RRP: $9.99

And not forgetting the littlest fans of all here’s a new board book to add to their collection.

Peppa and George decide they want to have a surprise Easter Egg Hunt for their friends and ask Daddy Pig for help. As always, Daddy is great at putting together costumes and soon the dress-up box has provided the wherewithal to transform Peppa into an Easter Bunny and George into an Easter Chick.

When the little friends come over the egg hunt they are mightily surprised when the Easter Bunny and Chick pop out of the garden!

Another really cute little book to share with the tiniest of your lap-sitters.

All three are bound to sure-fire hits with your young readers.