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What Zola did on Tuesday – Melina Marchetta


Penguin Australia

  • August 2020
  • ISBN: 9781760895167
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $12.99

I reviewed the first in this joyful series a little while back and now we have the delight of the second instalment which is just as gorgeous!

Zola and her cousin over the back fence, Alessandro, would love to get to meet their new neighbours – more playmates! However, Mummy and Nonna Rosa are resistant to intruding so they are feeling rather frustrated as well as curious.

Of course Zola despite all her best intentions is always finding trouble – or is that trouble finding her? Nonna Rosa is not doing so well with her knitting and Zola’s teacher is looking for someone to help with a knitting group at school, which of course Zola realises would be a disaster with Nonna’s efforts. So the solution for Zola is to help with Nonna’s knitting. As you would expect – a disaster ensues! However, even disasters can turn around to a success and so it is with the great knitting fiasco – the knitting problem is sorted and so is the making friends with the neighbours and helping the knitting group.

Such simple but sweet and wholesome stories which will engage your youngest independent readers and very likely inspire their own community-mindedness, empathy and desire to help others.

Highly recommended for little readers from around 6 years upwards! This is an absolute must-have and I for one look forward to the rest of the ‘week’ to come.

Harry Potter Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book – Tanis Gray


Harper Collins Australia

y648 (8)

January 2020

ISBN: 9781911641926

ISBN 10: 1911641921

Imprint: Pavilion – GB

List Price: 39.99 AUD

I hadn’t done any knitting for about eight years but these holidays (of stay-at-home instead of the planned week in Thailand) I have been knitting some ANZAC Day poppies as a little project. This sumptuous book is inspiring me further. I’d love to make my own Hedwig! And certainly a Hufflepuff scarf would be a simple and relaxing creation for coming winter days.

Whether you are an experienced knitter or a beginner you will find something here to tackle and add to your vast (or is that just me?) collection of Harry Potter items.

Each project is gloriously photographed and instructions are set out in a very easy to follow manner. For us in Australia, it will take a bit of research to convert the given yarns etc to our standards but I don’t envisage that to be a huge issue.

The book also includes bonus material such as fun facts, behind-the-scenes information, original costume sketches and movie stills all adding to its entirely wonderful content.

Given the parlous times we now find ourselves in and so many outside the home pursuits severely curtailed this is a perfect opportunity to work on some of the older style handcrafts and knitting, which has experienced such a resurgence in recent years, is one of the most soothing and satisfying to be had.


Crafty Creatures:
 patterns for Hedwig; Cornish Pixies; Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog
Wizarding Wardrobe: patterns for Mrs Weasley’s Home-Knit Christmas jumpers; Hogwarts House Scarves; and Hogwarts’ house scarves.
Inspired Apparel: clothes and accessories inspired by characters, artefacts and themes from the films such as a Expecto Patronum! mittens and Quidditch socks.
Delightful Decor: Dress your home with Harry Potter decorative accessories such as Hogwarts House mug cosies and Seven Horcruxes tea towels.

I promise if I manage to control the poor stiff arthritic fingers and complete something I will share the result!

A must for all HP fans – and really, if you don’t knit (and can’t/won’t learn via YouTube or elsewhere) perhaps you could recruit a handy friend to undertake your choice.

Love it!!!! Get one for your collection and get those needles clicking!

Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat – Emily McKenzie



Category:Picture books


Allen & Unwin


Imprint:Bloomsbury Child

Pub Date:February 2016

RRP $15.99

Stanley is most definitely not your average moggy. He doesn’t do any of the usual cattish things like chasing mice or having hassles with dogs.  He’s not even lazing around sleeping in the sun all day. In fact, he’s always busy knitting.

He knits beanies and balaclavas, socks and scarves, neck warmers and trunk warmers, onesies and woolly jumpers for all his friends.

One day Stanley spies a poster for a grand knitting competition inviting all comers to knit their wackiest woolly wonder. Naturally Stanley is determined to win!

He starts to knit – and knit and knit. All his friends are mad with curiosity. What is it Stanley is making? A giant knitted rainbow? The guesses are many and varied and still Stanley keeps knitting until he runs out wool – oh no!  What on earth can he do? There is only one option so Stanley immediately starts unravelling all his friends’ lovely handknits much to their chagrin.

The day of the competition arrives and there is no sign of Stanley in the hall. His friends are none too pleased that their lack of warmth was to no advantage when suddenly they all realise that Stanley is outside in a gigantic knitted hot air balloon ready to whisk them all away to apologise for his unravelling.

Of course, such a splendid woolly wonder is a winner and Stanley ends up with a lifetime of supply of wool with all his friends being more than amply clothed.

This is a fun read for little people with lots of colour and surely a great opportunity to introduce some knitting to children whether finger, French or regular!!