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RFDS Adventures #4 & #5 – George Ivanoff




Fast Flight (RFDS #4)

Random House Australia

ISBN: 9780857988829

Published: 02/05/2016

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s

RRP $14.99


Young Dillon is pretty much like any other boy of his age. He loves his cricket, his room is always pretty messy and he likes hanging with his best mate Jay. Pretty much the only thing that sets Dillon apart is that he has a rare genetic disorder called Crigler-Najjar Syndrome. Less than one in a million people are born with this and the essence is that it affects Dillon’s liver to a point of such damage that his only option is a liver transplant.

Finally the time arrives after so long waiting but the problem is that it’s the middle of the night when the call comes and Dillon needs to get from Adelaide to Melbourne as fast as possible. Enter the RFDS – not just the saviours of the remote outback and bush patients. Inspired by a true case this is another riveting read in the fantastic series.


Medical Mission (#5)



ISBN: 9780857988805

Published: 02/05/2016

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s


RRP $14.99

Just outside Coober Pedy a RFDS plane lands in the middle of the night at a large cattle station.  Help has arrived to help Josh’s mum with the delivery of their new baby. But when complications arise Mum and bub are airlifted to hospital and Josh is left with his Dad to help things keep on track on the property. Josh can’t help worrying about his mother and baby sister especially when no one is telling him anything.  One thing he knows is that the RFDS is

a vital service for those in remote locations and he and his classmates initiate a fundraiser for the organisation. Just as things seem to be going along okay, Josh is bitten by a deadly snake and it’s his turn to be airlifted. Lucky medical intervention has come a long way with snakebite since the early days and Josh’s outcome – as well as that of his family – is a positive one.


This is such a worthy series to add to your collection. The true-to-life stories, the information carefully woven in, the compelling tension of emergency situations and the opportunity for readers to ‘walk a mile in another kid’s shoes’ are all superb reasons. Of course, the fact that sales support the RFDS are another bonus.

Highly recommended for readers from around ten upwards.

t’s the middle of the night when the call comes and Dillon needs to get from Adelaide to Melbourne as fast as possible. Enter the RFDS – not just the saviours of the remote outback and bush patients. Inspired by a true case this is another riveting read in the fantastic series.













Royal Flying Doctor Service Series – George Ivanoff



Oh George! These are just fabulous! How often have we looked for really engaging thoroughly Australian adventure stories that will work for both boys and girls? And with this new series you have totally nailed a gap in the collections of many – well done!

The stories are true to life and written in a very accessible way that will suit not-so-strong readers as well as those who are sailing competently through their literary quests. They revolve around the outstanding and unique work of the RFDS and the many patients, emergencies and emotional dramas this wonderful service supports.

LOVE the outstanding covers and the alliterative titles especially!

Each has some illustrations ably rendered by Maria Pena and the first ends with a brief history and explanation of the RFDS. As if this isn’t enough purchase of the books supports the tremendous work of one of our greatest institutions.

RRP $14.99

Royal Flying Doctor Service 1: Remote Rescue

ISBN: 9780857988768

Published: 01/02/2016

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s


Ten year old Dawson is on a road trip with his dad and two sisters, one older and one younger. Their mum is held up with work for this family holiday to Uluru and intends to fly up from Adelaide to join them. In the meantime the travellers are heading for the famous Oodnadatta track exploring along the trek.

The adventure takes a serious turn for the worst when the family camp at Farina, a deserted ‘ghost’ town and the kids’ dad has a dreadful accident in an abandoned building, breaking his leg badly as well as sustaining a nasty bang to his head. Dawson and his older sister Samantha must set aside their usual sibling rivalry in order to secure help for their father and to keep their little sister Em calm. Fortunately they are assisted by a kindly pair of ‘grey nomads’ and experience first-hand the spirit of the outback and the invaluable help of the RFDS.

Royal Flying Doctor Service 2: Emergency Echo

ISBN: 9780857988782

Published: 01/02/2016

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s


Twelve year old Alice lives in the outback mining town of Mount Magnet with her mum, two year old brother and their grandfather. Sadly the family lost Alice’s dad to a serious illness and times have been tough for the whole family. Luckily Alice has her best buddy Ben and their shared love of cricket to help with the sad moments.


But a cricket game is cut short when Alice becomes really ill and suffers awful stomach pains. With Ben and Grandpa to look out for her, it appears that Alice may have appendicitis and events move very quickly as the local medical team suspect the offending organ may have ruptured.


Alice’s first experience of a plane trip and going to Perth is certainly not what she could have imagined as she and Grandpa are rushed off in a RFDS plane for emergency surgery. The raging storm which accompanies their flight is certainly not going to ease any anxiety but Grandpa’s own appendicitis and RFDS story along with the kind Dr Helen who is their support person relating her family history with the RFDS help greatly.



Both of these stories were a delight to read and children will not only enjoy the adventure and drama but gain a real insight into remote  life in Australia and the work of the RFDS.


Two more titles are on the way: Medical Mission and Fast Flight so be sure to get all these on your order list.


Highly recommended from Year 4 to Year 7.


Check out George’s website here for more.