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Ten Minutes to Bed: …. Rhiannon Fielding/Chris Chatterton


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Penguin Random House Australia

There would not be many parents (or grandparents/carers) who haven’t had to coax a small one to bed at some time and if that’s you right now this little series which has been brought to my attention would be a perfect shared read to give that heads up that it’s sleep time.

They are colourful and full of lively and rhythmic text which is accentuated by the use of varying font size and design with lots of the onomatopoeia that children love to echo.

I love that each has a full double spread map of The Land of Nod at the end so adult and child can locate where the characters might hang out.

These would be really suitable for cuddle-up-on-a-lap bedtime reading or indeed as a prelude to naptime in an early childhood setting.

You may choose the latest which is the mermaid or perhaps your little reluctant sleeper is more of a monster *wink*.

Recommended for children from babies upwards to around four or five years old.


Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid


August 2019

ISBN: 9780241372678

Imprint: Ladybird

RRP: $14.99

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster


December 2018

ISBN: 9780241348918

Imprint: Ladybird

RRP: $14.99

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn


September 2018

ISBN: 9780241348925

Imprint: Ladybird

RRP: $14.99



The Girl Who Thought Her Mother was a Mermaid – Tania Unsworth



Harper Collins Australia

ISBN: 9781788547796

ISBN 10: 1788547799

Imprint: Head Of Zeus – Zehpyr – GB

On Sale: 24/09/2018

RRP $14.99

This is a quite lovely blending of old selkie folklore, fairy tale and a young girl’s search for her own true self as well as her lost mother.

Stella feels she is always the odd one out and really not like other girls. Of course they don’t know she sleepwalks or has a terrible fear of water despite her longing to be near the ocean but they do sense the strangeness of her. Since her mother died when she was young her dad has retreated into his own grief space and spends even more time with his high-powered job and the travel it involves. It’s not that he doesn’t love Stella he’s just not always around and Mrs Chapman the housekeeper and whichever latest nanny is present are poor substitutes for the closeness a young girl needs. When Gramma comes to live with them she certainly is a comfort to Stella but her grandmother’s mind and memories are beginning to slip away and that makes Stella even sadder.

Small fragments of memories, chance comments and some of her mother’s beautiful little sketches begin to coalesce in Stella’s mind until she forms a rather fanciful theory about her mother. What if her mother was actually a mermaid?

Stella’s daring adventure to unravel the truth is not just about finding out about her mum. She also discovers much about herself along the way – as well as her father and grandmother.

This is beautifully and believably told and would appeal greatly to sensitive readers from around ten years upwards.

Definitely recommended for your collections