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A Monster Calls: Special Collector’s Edition (Movie Tie-in) –Patrick Ness {Siobhan Dowd}  . Illustrated by Jim Kay



ISBN: 9781406365771
Imprint: Walker
November 1, 2016

Australian RRP: $34.99
New Zealand RRP: $37.99

I first fell in love with Patrick Ness’ writing with the much acclaimed and prize winning Chaos Walking trilogy. I had not read A Monster Calls until this gorgeous hardback edition, which marks the imminent release of the movie, arrived and I’ve fallen in love all over again.

What a master of flawless prose he is! and combined with the illustrative magic of Jim Kay (think the illustrated Harry Potter books) this is a book that a reader will return to again and again.

Author Siobhan Dowd had put forward an idea or concept for this novel but sadly succumbed to cancer before she could move forward with it. Her publishers thought it was such a valuable premise that they sought a writer who might do it justice. Patrick Ness was the perfect choice and created what is now considered a modern classic.

When young Conor realises that a nightmare has become real and there really is a monster in the garden and it has come for him, the reader is taken on an emotional journey that is moving, funny, profound and heartbreaking until the truth is revealed.

Conor’s recurring nightmare began when his mother’s treatments did and won’t end until he has accepted why the ancient and very wild monster has come for him and what he must do to send it back to its former slumber.

Along with the fully illustrated novel there are over one hundred pages of interviews, details, essays, stills and more from the movie, which promises to be every bit as powerful as the novel.

I read it in one sitting and savoured every moment. So many books arrive for review that they stack up in tottering piles and after review. I find them good homes either in our own library collection or passed on to those who could use them but this one is too beautiful to leave my shelves. It will be taken up and stroked for its aesthetic qualities and read for its marvellous writing and illustrations many times.

Highly recommended for Upper Primary and Secondary students as well as all adults who appreciate a truly remarkable read.



The True Meaning of Smekday/Smek for President – Adam Rex



The True Meaning of Smekday – Adam Rex

ISBN: 9781408844915
Australian Pub.: October 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Imprint: Bloomsbury Child
Subject: Children’s and Young Adult

RRP $12.99


Smek for President – Adam Rex

ISBN: 9781408855461
Australian Pub.: January 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Imprint: Bloomsbury Child
Subject: Children’s fiction

RRP $14.99

Allen & Unwin Australia

Many readers will have enjoyed the very funny film trailer for ‘Home’ over the Christmas break and some will be familiar with the book on which it was based The True Meaning of Smekday. Now a sequel, Smek for President, once again takes readers along for a ride that is packed with hilarity, quirkiness and extraordinary adventures.

J.Lo that odd bumbling and rather endearing alien is determined to clear his name with his race, the Boovs. As usual his plans are thrown into disarray and Captain Smek, the supreme HighBoov sees the capture of J.Lo as the perfect strategy to regain his waning control and power.  Luckily, J.Lo’s best buddy Tip is not the sort of girl to abandon a friend in dire need.

Rex’ ability to combine SciFi and Adventure into brilliant comic stories is very impressive. The stories roll along with a fast pace and even unravelling the intricacies of Boovishly spoken English is uncomplicated for the reader.

For readers who are looking forward to the film these may be a great ‘hook’ into reading – simply for the pure fun of it.

Highly recommended for readers of around 10 and up.

Visit Adam’s website here.