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Glitch – Michelle Worthington/Andrew Spark


Glitch PB HR Cov RGB

Ford St Publishing

July 2017

Author: Michelle Worthington

Illustrator: Andrew Plant


ISBN 978192527271


RRP $16.99


Here is a really lovely picture book about friendship, self confidence, and persistence, upcycling, overcoming anxiety and being positive.


Glitch is a twitchy little bug who lives in the dump and just loves recycling junk into useful things especially billy carts. Every year he builds a billy cart and his best friend, calm and kind June is the driver. They never win because in Glitch’s twitchiness he has usually mucked up something.


This year they have their fastest billy cart ever but in a practice run that goes awry, June’s antenna get bent. She won’t be able to drive like that but she insists that Glitch can. His nervousness almost gets the better of him but June, like a true friend, supports him and gives him just the boost of confidence he needs.


Andrew’s illustrations as always are so striking in each double page spread and Michelle’s text combines some lovely techniques like alliteration and assonance to make a really readable and rhythmic piece.

As well as all the above it’s a fabulous story that underlines that winning isn’t everything!

 Highly recommended for your little readers from around 5 upwards.



Henry and the Yeti – Russell Ayto



ISBN: 9781408876619
Imprint: Bloomsbury Childrens

March 2017

RRP $12.99

Henry is positive that yetis exist even though no one else nor has proven it either way. Despite ridicule from non-believers, Henry determines to go on an expedition to discover the truth himself. He packs carefully and of course includes a camera to take pictures of the elusive creature. The journey is long and arduous but he is rewarded at last when a HUGE yeti finds him and they have a wonderful time playing and taking ‘selfies’.  When Henry sets off home again, he once again packs all his gear carefully and arrives home triumphantly – but alas! No camera. Just as he is facing the jeers of the disbelievers again, his yeti turns up  – with the camera! Huzzah!

A terrific story for little people about never giving up and believing in yourself.

Recommended for young readers up to about 7 years old.