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Be a Friend – Salina Yoon




August 2016

ISBN 9781408809093

RRP $14.99


There are plenty of children who are different in some way or another and often they are subject to being ‘left out’. Dennis is quite an ordinary boy but he communicates in somewhat an extraordinary way. When his classmates do ‘show and tell’ Dennis mimes his news. Other children climb trees but Dennis would rather ‘be a tree’.  The other children just don’t get Dennis and he becomes invisible and so quite lonely.

Then Dennis meets Joy and a perfect friendship is born. When Dennis kicks an imaginary ball Joy returns the serve.  They don’t need words to express their friendship and Dennis realises that being a bit different is absolutely OK! In fact, it’s something very special.

We all know those children who don’t quite fit the ‘mould’ that others expect them to and this book would be a beautiful way to reassure them that they don’t have to and build their self-acceptance and self-worth.

Highly recommended for your young readers aged around 6 and upwards – and lovers of mim

Stormy Night – Salina Yoon



Allen & Unwin Australia


February 2015-01-25

RRP $15.99

There is a little person here who has had a great deal of anxiety about storms, since a very severe one a couple of months particularly.  This fear has been diminishing with some careful support but this wonderful book could not have been timelier or better received during the shared reading tonight.

Bear is ready for bed but the storm is breaking – the rain is pounding on the windows, the wind is howling, the trees are making cracking sounds and Bear tells his toy bunny Floppy “Don’t worry [..] I’ll hold you tight. I’ll keep you warm. My love will keep you safe from the storm.”

As soon as I read that line, Miss Small looked at me with a loving smile – because she is realising the enormity of that statement.

But Bear and Floppy aren’t quite convinced and soon Mama and Papa come into to seek solace with Bear *wink*…….looking to keep each other safe and warm through the storm. And they do!

Beautiful simple text accompanied by boldly coloured illustrations. I can see this will be a much read book over the next few months.

A perfect picture book to allay those fears about noisy thunderstorms – and here in Queensland, it is of course, storm season so a great book to add into the first term’s reading for Preps and Year 1s.

Salina Yoon “Finding comfort with family…..calming the storm” has written and illustrated over 100 books for children, including award winners and having shared this book, it is easy to see why!

Highly recommended for little ones from around 3 and up to probably around 7/8 particularly.