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Monsters Love Underpants – Claire Freedman and Ben Cort



Simon & Schuster Australia

  • Simon & Schuster UK |
  • 32 pages |
  • ISBN 9781847385710 |
  • October 2014


AU$ 19.99

NZ$ 21.99

Now I’m not entirely sure exactly how much you know about monsters, or indeed underpants, but I will bet you didn’t know how completely inseparable these two are! Can’t you just hear the giggles now as you read aloud this newest of the ‘Underpants’ books?

From the rather wacky creators, Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, comes this latest hilarious romp in the highly entertaining series that has included Aliens and Dinosaurs.

Dazzlingly bright illustrations and an engaging rhyming text reveal to the reader that perhaps that suspected rustling of a monster under one’s bed is because something hairy or spiky is actually trying out YOUR snazziest pair!  I think the best plan would be to hide all the funky underwear away in its proper drawer because these monsters are all too keen to flaunt the loudest and garish undies they can lay their hands on – or bums in!

There are mountain monsters and sea monsters, space monsters and swamp monsters and when they all get together for a monster rave at the Saturday night disco  they jive and jitterbug with their most flamboyant jocks. Of course, they have to scurry home because after all, who could be afraid of a monster once you know they have a peculiar pants penchant!

Check out these fabulous endpages…


As I once did with a Year 1/2 class after reading another famous underwear book (The Queen’s Knickers – Nicholas Allan) I do think some colourfully created ‘underpants’ would make a super display in a classroom or library! It was a great activity for ‘patterning’.

Naturally, such a book is also a great starting point to dealing with the imaginary fears some children may have – use the “Riddikulus” spell and laugh those bogies away J .

Highly recommended for sharing with little people from around 3 or 4 years upwards.